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- in recognition that matter is energy and that
many higher levels of energy exist in reality.

By changing energy, miracles occur.

Tour of Your Energy Bodies As Seen with Higher-Vision (The Human Constitution In Its Healthy & Awakened State)

You are more than the physical body that you sense. Your mind, emotions, and soul have their own bodies. These bodies are distinct from yet connected to your physical body. You have many bodies. Highly sensitive people have always been able to perceive one or more of these nonphysical bodies. Recent advances in science and technology are verifying their existence. Our day to day experience confirms their reality.

The 7 Primary Levels of Energy of Our Reality
with Integration of Other Systems
Total Spatial Dimensions
Christian Equivalent
Buddhist Equivalent
Hindu Equivalent
7. Logoic Neither perception nor nonperception, transcendence of perception of separate self and identification with Transcendent Source

Transition to higher evolution, realization of core individuality, complete freedom from separative individuality

Spirit, Father Immaterial-Sphere, No-Thingness and Neither Perception nor Nonperception Plane, and Cessation Shivaloka, Dharma-Megha-Nirbija Samadhi
6. Monadic Boundless pure consciousness outside of normal space and time, tremendous power Origination of principle of consciousness
Spirit, Father Immaterial-Sphere, Boundless Space & Boundless Consciousness Plane Vishnuloka, Nirbija Samadhi
5. Atmic Pure equanimity, experience of omnipotence Identification with life principle, divine will, cessation of feeling
Spirit, Father Fine-Material-Sphere, 4th Jhana Brahmaloka, Atman, Samprajnata-Sasmita Samadhi
4. Buddhic Whirling groups within groups of souls in purposeful ecstatic interaction, experience of omniscience, realm of universal archetypes

Relationship, at-one-ment, divine union, group consciousness, divine love, compassion, spiritual intuition, source of bliss and all pleasant feeling

Spirit, Son Fine-Material-Sphere, 3rd Jhana Plane Devaloka, Anandamayakosa, Samprajnata-Sananda Samadhi
3c. Manasic-Higher: Abstract Realm of universal truths, experience of omnipresence Universal abstract thought, divine mind
Holy Ghost Fine-Material-Sphere, 2nd Jhana Plane Devaloka, Vijnana-mayakosa, Samprajnata-Vicara Samadhi
3b. Manasic-Middle: Causal, Soul Kingdom of spiritual souls, light, bliss Relative immortality, accumulation of virtues and consciousness of intelligence, love, will
Heaven, Soul Fine-Material-Sphere, 2nd Jhana Plane Devaloka, Vijnanamayakosa, Samprajnata-Vicara Samadhi
3a. Manasic-Lower: Intellectual Realm of knowledge Cognitive processing: concepts, beliefs, discrimination
Heaven, Soul Fine-Material-Sphere, 1st Jhana Plane Vijnanamayakosa, Samprajnata-Vitarka Samadhi
2c. Astral-Higher Higher heaven worlds Highest emotions: ecstasy, love, aspiration, altruistic love
Heaven, Soul Sense-Sphere, Sensuous Blissful Plane Manomayakosa
2b. Astral-Middle "Heaven" worlds, "Summerlands" Average emotions: fun, liking; psychic powers
Heaven, Soul Sense-Sphere, Sensuous Blissful Plane Manomayakosa
2a. Astral-Lower Realm of earthbound ghosts and hell realms Lower emotions: fear, hate, sadness
Hell Sense-Sphere, Woeful Plane Manomayakosa
1b. Physical-Etheric Physical energy, electromagnetic, subatomic particles, quarks. Supportive vitality and structural information
Body, Earth Sense-Sphere, Sensuous Blissful Plane Pranamayakosa
1a. Physical-Dense The appearance of solids, liquids, and gases Separation, crystallization of growth of consciousness
Body, Earth Sense-Sphere, Sensuous Blissful Plane Annamayakosa
Please note: This is an extreme simplification. Just as the description of the Physical-Dense world is simplified to the barest description (the appearance of solids, liquids, and gases), so is everything else in this chart. It is meant to give on integrative overview only. Each part of the above table could be expanded to endless volumes of information.

See also: How to Determine If You Have Reached a Higher Level of Reality, and What Pseudo-Higher Planes/Levels Are.

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