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Rapid Spiritual Energetic-Healing

Rapid Spiritual Energetic-Psychotherapy

What is Rapid Spiritual Energetic -Healing, -Psychotherapy, Etc.?

Beginning to Advanced Meditation Instruction

Personal and Business or Project Energetic Spiritual Protection

Product and Service Development assisted by the Nirmanakayas

Transition Assistance for the Departed or Departing

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B.) Tour of Your Energy Bodies:

Physical Body

Etheric/Vital Body

Emotional/Astral Body

Mental/Intellectual Body

Causal/Soul Body

The Physical to Causal Bodies Combined

Manasic/Higher Mind Body

Buddhic/Christic Body

Atmic Body

Monadic Aspect

Logoic/ God/ Goddess/ Solar Aspect

The Energy Bodies In Their Common Unhealthy State

The 7 Primary Levels of Energy of Our Reality with Integration of Other Systems

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- in recognition that matter is energy and that
many higher levels of energy exist in reality.

By changing energy, miracles occur.

All Services are

Product and Service Development
Assisted by the Nirmanakayas

This is a group of super-enlightened beings that inspire humanity toward particular developments of products and services, and, move and empower mass interest, trends, and fashion oriented towards such products and services, in alignment with the long-term Divine Plan of human evolution. Steven Lumiere, in a deep samadhi/superconscious state, can be a telepathic intermediary between you and them so that your products or services can be refined and developed such that they are in alignment with mass appeal and thus highly successful. With this service, you can align yourself and products/services with the mysterious forces that move public appreciation and synchronity that determines success.

Fees and Ordering Services.

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Steven Lumiere's Story.

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